Supporting volunteerism and community

Volunteers and volunteer organizations are essential to a vibrant community. We can continue to grow a culture in the town hall of supporting volunteering as well as finding opportunities for new residents to become involved and integrate into the community. Somethings that we could do are:

  1. Connect: Help connect volunteers with volunteer opportunities. This could include creating a volunteer coordinator position, establishing a town volunteering committee or working with an established community group that is focused on connecting volunteers to current needs.
  2. Volunteer fair: Support the creation of a volunteer fair & registration night where people in the community can learn about different activities available to register for and find opportunities to get involved in various community groups or town committees.
  3. Welcome Wagon: Work with community groups to create a welcome wagon program and use it to highlight opportunities to become involved as well as encourage shopping locally.
  4. Coordinate: Work more closely with volunteer organizations and churches to find ways to work together to support each other’s efforts to improve our community.
  5. Community space: Evaluate the community space needs and explore opportunities to provide community groups with more access to affordable space. This could include the community centre or other community-owned facilities (Farm Safety Centre, Museum, Library, Victoria Sports Park, etc).
  6. Civic education: Create opportunities for the community to learn more about municipal government processes, how they can engage with council and how they can get involved.